Our Goals

Head Coach: Gillian d’Hondt

Select Coach Coordinator: Gillian d’Hont

Program Goal:

The Mercer Island Girls Basketball program’s goal is to use basketball as a way to develop assertive, competitive, self-sustaining young women.  Our players will be leaders in their communities.  Our players will realize and assert their value and worth.  Our players will become confident young women, ready to tackle whatever comes their way.  Our players will dream, set goals and fight with everything they have to accomplish whatever it is they have set before them.

Program Philosophy:

1)     Pursuit of excellence

  • Pursuit of excellence is about the drive and dedication to continually improve as a person, as a student, as a basketball player.  We do not want our players to be comfortable, complacent or ever satisfied because “it’s not enough to be good if you have the ability to be better.”
  • The desire to be an excellent basketball player, should reflect a desire to be excellent in all aspects of life!  Our players will be excellent students, leaders, friends, sisters, daughters and members of the Mercer Island community.
  • This will be measured by

o individual and team growth: what have our players learned, how have they improved and how are they better players?

othe learning on and off the court: how will our players apply lessons from basketball to the rest of their lives?

othe impact left by both players and coaches: what memories are gained from this experience, and how can we all positively change one another’s lives?

2)     “Control the controllables”

  • Many things in basketball cannot be controlled (the refs, the crowd, decisions or mistakes other coaches and players make, the other team, etc.).  Many things in basketball however, can be controlled.

oAttitude, effort, mental toughness, words, body language, desire to compete and interaction with players and coaches will be the mark of our players.  Mercer Island Girls basketball will be known for how the players reflect these “controllables” in all circumstances: good or bad.

  • We will worry about the process, we will focus on ourselves, and the results will take care of themselves.

3)     Leave a legacy, build tradition, and win championships!

  • We will leave our legacy and build tradition by pushing ourselves to be the best all the time.  WE MUST BE BETTER TOMORROW THAN WE WERE TODAY.  Anything less is not good enough.
  • Girls on championship teams have been challenged, have overcome obstacles and have grown in character and skill development so that they can be contributors to their teams.