What Is The Mercer Island Girls Basketball Booster Club?

The Booster Club is composed of volunteers who support Girls Basketball on Mercer Island. Generally, the most active volunteers are parents with daughters playing in the MIHS Program on the Varsity, Junior Varsity or Freshman/Sophomore teams, or with daughters playing in the MIGB Fall or Spring Programs on a 4th through 8th Grade Team. The Club also enjoys support from alumni, as well as the friends and families of those participating in Club programs.

Why Does The Club Exist?

The Club was created to advance the competitiveness of Girls Basketball on Mercer Island and to provide complementing alternatives to the Recreational Programs already available for girls in Grades 4-8 (see Club History at migb.org for more information). Club Programs also serve as developmental feeder pipelines for those players who hope to participate in MIHS basketball (though thee is no guarantee of HS Selection for Club participants).

Club volunteers try to support and enhance Girls Basketball on Mercer Island for all participants in the Fall and Spring Programs and in the High School Program by:

  • Coordinating volunteer efforts for Program events and activities
  • Organizing fundraising
  • Scheduling event planning and promotion
  • Coordinating Club and Program related communication (inclusive of maintaining a Club website)
  • Providing Board oversight and guidance in pursuit of the Programs Vision, Mission and Vaues

What Does The Club Actually Do To Support The HS And Select Programs?

Program events and activities simply could not exist without volunteer support. Volunteer efforts supported by the Club include but are by no means limited to the following examples:

  • Coordinating gym time for games, practices and clinics
  • Coordinating the efforts of Team Parents
  • Keeping statistics, running the game clock, and keeping score
  • Coordinating game announcers
  • Maintaining an inventory of game balls, pennys and other equipment
  • Coordinating uniforms, sweats, etc.
  • Organizing and staffing concession stands and other fundraising efforts as listed below
  • Publishing game programs and coordinating the National Anthem
  • Coordinating sandwich boards, PSAs and other public relations efforts
  • Planning special events to enhance awareness of and participation in program activities
  • Organizing end-of-year events to celebrate participation and achievement
  • Filming/photographing games and events for the web-site and other opportunities
  • Hosting potlucks and coordinating retreats, away tournaments and other team-building activities
  • Recruiting, orienting and supporting coaches and assistants for all Select teams
  • Recruiting, orienting and maintaining a volunteer Board for program oversight

What Programs Do The MIGB Booster Club Sponsor?

The Club sponsors a Fall Select Program and a Spring Program for Grades 4-8 and an assortment of seasonal training camps, clinics and events for Grades 4-12.

Fall Select: In the fall the Club participates in the Puget Sound Traveling League (PSTL), an AAU affiliated not-for-profit organization that coordinates games and tournaments around the region. The PSTL fall season runs from October through March inclusive of tournament play. Our Select teams schedule two mandatory and one optional practice per week and usually play at least one game per week. Additionally, all teams participate in at least two tournaments each season with some opting to enter a third.

Spring: In the Spring, the Club collaborates with the Emerald City Basketball Academy (ECBA) to offer individual and team skills training and to coordinate league and game play. Players may choose from a menu of skills training classes available at the ECBA Queen Anne or Issaquah sites. Additionally, our teams schedule at least one practice per week and usually play at least one game per week. The ECBA spring season runs from March through June.

Who Coaches The Teams?

Fall Select Program coaches are part-time professionals and they receive a stipend from the Booster Club for their time and effort. They are interviewed and selected by the Board and their approach to the game is informed and guided by the coaching philosophy of the MIHS Varsity Head Coach, Kaela Yuen. Information about the coaches and the program mission, values, etc. is available on the MIGB Booster Club web-site at migb.org.

Spring Program coaches are selected and compensated by the teams themselves. MIGB Booster Club assists in gym scheduling for spring practice times.

High School Coaches are selected by the Athletic Director at MIHS and approved by District officials.

What Does It Cost To Participate?

Separate Fee Schedules are provided for each season and program and updated annually. Go to migb.org for more detail. Most of the costs associated with participation are pass-through expenses with no administrative or revenue generating premium added. The club has applied for 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit status.

How Are Club Programs Funded?

The Club engages in ongoing fee collection and fundraising to support Program events and activities including but not limited to the following examples:

  • Collecting Booster Club annual dues from all participating families
  • Collecting fees from all Program participants (Participation Fees; Uniform/Sweats Fees; Tournament and League Fees; etc.)
  • Organizing and staffing concession stands at all MIHS varsity home games
  • Staging special events such as the annual Spring Student-Faculty Exhibition Game with celebrity guests
  • Coordinating player / participant car washes and other efforts
  • Soliciting Club “memberships” and other donations
  • Hosting occasional tournaments at MI facilities for teams from around the region
  • Selling Club logo-wear

What Is That Money And The Other Fees Paid By Participants Used For?

Proceeds collected in support of Program activities and events are distributed into two separate sources:

MIGB Booster Club Fund: Annual Booster Club Dues from all grade level participants, fees collected from Select Program participants and money earned from parent-only fundraising efforts are allocated to the MIGB Booster Club account. Most of the costs associated with participation in Club programs are “pass-through” expenses for which the Club does not earn a premium (such as facilities fees, league or tournament fees, uniform and sweat fees, coaching fees, etc.). However, Club fees simply do not cover all program related expenses, so fundraising dollars are used to provide additional financial support for miscellaneous items including but not limited to the following:

  • Printed programs and special awards for the HS program
  • Special events such as Senior Night celebrations and year end banquets
  • Other team activities such as support for Coaches during away tournaments
  • Scholarships for those who might not otherwise be able to participate in Club programs
  • Supplemental coaching fees to ensure the Program has high quality experienced individuals for every team (grades 4-12)
  • Open gyms

Girls Basketball Associated Student Body (ASB) Fund: Money raised from fundraising activities involving High School Students is allocated to a Girls Basketball ASB Fund. Dollars allocated to the ASB fund are restricted by district policy to certain applications such as:

  • Uniforms and equipment
  • Game referees
  • Facility rental fees
  • Plaques, trophies, etc.
  • End of season banquet costs for coaches and players

Note: MIHS purchases new Varsity uniforms every 2-3 years. Used Varsity uniforms are recycled to the JV team and used JV uniforms are recycled to the Frosh/Soph team enabling the HS Program to garner 6-9 years of use from most uniforms. Players are not charged for their basic uniform at the HS level but they are required to purchase their own sweats, socks, etc.

Who Decides What To Do With The Funds?

ASB funds are issued to the various HS athletic programs at the discretion of District officials and expenditures are managed by the HS coaches.Booster Club funds supplement the ASB fund and are not bound by the same restrictions. Club funds are managed by a volunteer Board in support of program needs and activities for all grade levels. The Board prepares an annual Budget to enable the Club to achieve its Mission, guide Revenue and Expense management for all concerned, and to ensure the Club remains financially solvent. The MIGB fiscal year begins in June 01 and ends May 31. The Board President and Treasurer are available to answer any additional questions regarding Club finances.


How Can I Help?

There are many ways to get involved:

    • Come Out and Cheer For Our Teams:
      • Show our players your support by encouraging their participation!
    • Make a Donation and Become a Booster Club Member:
      • The Club has applied for 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status and financial donations are welcome at all times. Become a Game Day Volunteer. Volunteers are needed at every game to maintain the Statistics Book, Run the Clock, Keep Score and organize First Aid Supplies.
    • Become a Team Parent:
      • Every team requires extensive parent support to provide a successful player experience. Team Parents are integral to ensuring coaches can focus their attention to the on-court experience. Those who step-up cannot succeed without the active cooperation of all concerned.
    • Join the Volunteer Board:
    • The Board meets quarterly – or more frequently as needed – to consider Club business. Those who participate are asked to subordinate their interests or those of their player to the best interests of the Club and the programs and activities it sponsors. The Board will expand to meet the growing program related needs and will have an ongoing need to replace members whose terms are expiring. All those interested are encouraged to contact a current Board member. Please note Board appointments are subject to protocols outlined in Club by-laws.